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**Homecoming is September 15, 16, 17, 18 for 2022**

125th Anniversary of Palmer [1897 to 2022]

∆∆∏ 2022 Homecoming Events 

Thursday September 15, 2022

1.      Wine Tasting ON CAMPUS Charles & Hildegard Keller Terrace 5–7 p.m.  

This is a new space on AstroTurf near old Library Building

Buy tickets at registration (limited tickets sold at the event)

2.  Meet the Members & Special Guests 8:00 pm @ ∆∆∏

· Come tell your “tallest DDPi tale. . . “  


Friday September 16, 2022

1.  Martini Cocktail Party sponsored by Kauffman’s 6 PM

2.  Alumni BBQ 7:00 to 8:30 pm

3.  Band “Night Like This” 9:00 pm to midnight


Saturday September 17, 2022

1. 2:00 pm Alumni Meeting (Official) Dues Paid Alumni only

2.  Palmer Gala 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm River Center  

Buy tickets at registration


Sunday September  18, 2022

· Good-Bye Brunch 10:30 am  @ Hotel Blackhawk

    200 East 3rd Street, Davenport

    Limited seating RSVP (sign-up list will be on bulletin board at

    Fraternity or you can email RSVP now).   This brunch sells out every year and last minute add-ons may not be possible.


Alumni news

If you don’t want to pay dues, then please contribute any amount even $50 or $100 helps. 

Please pay your dues and/or contribute to one of our improvement projects. 


E-mail  suggestions to channing @ 407-629-5333.  I hope to see all of you at Homecoming!



Dr. Channing C. Bolick,

Alumni President

 Student Update

The  Student Organization  pledging will start in a few weeks. 

Here are a few updates for the past year:

Volunteer Work: Sexual assault awareness event for Palmer.

House Projects: Cabinets in downstairs kitchen repaired.  Pressure washed the House. New lines for beer cooler.  Brick fire pit out back was repaired.  Backdoor threshold was replaced. New audio receiver in Bar Room.  Various parts of the side fence were repaired. Next pledging begins July 22nd 2019.

 Student Fundraiser

 Fundraisers: Hog Roast Raffle, Candy Grams, Hot beverage & Donut sale on Campus, Selling Whitey’s Ice Cream on Campus, Cubs ticket raffle.

 Front Porch & Front of House need paint 

Front Porch

The foundation of the house under the porch has been repaired and the front porch has been remodeled with new pressure treated wood.  The historic architecture of the porch railing was preserved and the local historical preservation society signed off on the plans and permit.  Now the front porch and front of the House need painting.  We have to wait one year for the pressure treated wood to cure, before painting is recommended. The approximate cost to paint the front porch and front of the House is $2,500. 


The boiler passed inspection in the fall of 2018, but it is aging and will need to be replaced in the next few years.  Boiler replacement cost is $5,500.  We need to be building reserves to replace the boiler for when it can no longer be repaired and needs a complete replacement.  I have been insisting on annual cleaning, inspection and maintenance to get as much life out of the boiler as possible.  The current boiler is approaching 30 years old.

There are some other small cosmetic projects that the interior of the House needs, but it is overall in a good state of repair.  


Front Porch


 Front Porch


  House Financial Update

The house is stable financially.  We have zero debt.  All taxes and bills are current.  Provided the  students have around 30 dues paying members and all 4 rooms rented meets their minimum operating budget.  Until a viable fundraiser that can make a more than $100 per event is found, then the students remain dependent on alumni donations for any major repairs, upgrades, or emergencies.  The house is in a general good state of repair, but as with any “old” house ongoing maintenance and improvements are necessary.  The general rule of thumb for yearly maintenance and repairs for any house is 5% of the value.  It our case it would be approx $12,500 annually.  Considering this is a college student occupied house and not a private residence, then potentially more.  This house was built in 1892 and needs ongoing maintenance  and repairs just like any other property.  Your financial support is needed. Please consider helping make this best Homecoming ever. All property taxes and bills are current. 

Dr. Henry Brockington Faculty Summit Room 

Dr. Henry Brockington has retired from Palmer after many years.  We have dedicated the "Summit Room" to him for his years of ongoing dedication and service to the Fraternity.  Dr. Brockington was also presented with the esteemed Fraternal status of "Honorary Member" at Homecoming 2010.

                                 Dr. Brockington Faculty Summit Room




  Dr. Brockington as he receives status of "Honorary Member" of the Fraternity. 





                           Various Student Members Homecoming 2010



Red Shoes Band warms-up Homecoming 2010

Remodeling Resident Floor 

Phase One and Two of the second floor renovations have been completed.  


                           Newly remodeled 2nd Floor Kitchen

                                          January 2010


                                              New Ceiling in Technique Room May 2010



                                                                   New Back Steps May 2010


Send donations to:

Delta Delta Alumni Association

        500 E. Horatio Ave.  #5

        Maitland, FL  32751


Various Repair and Upgrade Photos


Chapter Room Picture Window Replaced.

A Chapter Room Window

Chapter Room Window (The color match looks better in person)

                                    Kitchen Window

                                         Kitchen Window

Survey Beacon Article

Beacon Article November 2006 (Link)

                    DDP House Aug 2005 after roof replacement project.




Dues are 250.00 you can pay that on line with a credit card (which is preferred) or pay pal or send a check to

Delta Delta Pi Alumni Association

500 E. Horatio Ave. #5

  Maitland, FL 32751


Click on Financial Reports for current information.



Please note I have changed my e-mail address:


channing@bolickclinic com




Alumni Dues are $250 per year (Aug. to Aug.) payable to The Delta Delta Pi Alumni Asssn. and sent Dr. Channing C. Bolick, President at the address listed below.           

Delta Delta Alumni Association

                Alumni Postal address
                   Attn.  Dr. Channing Bolick, President                

        500 E. Horatio Ave.  

        Maitland, FL  32751


(This is the correct address to mail donations to 4/25/2016) 


Members Who Have: Dues Paid






Channing C. Bolick, D.C.

Alumni President


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