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This isn't the place for either of these things, but I wanted to put something temporary on this page.

The first chiropractic adjusting table.  Harvey Lillard was adjusted on this one.

(Picture courtesy Dr. Harold Fisher)


History of Toga Parties

Legend has it, that in 50 BC, Julius Mezzaluna, hosting his usual wild Roman party for his close friends and local members of the Senate, with much lust and fanfare, mistakenly poured the raw spirit that he had distilled earlier that day into a pitcher of lemon juice.


When served to his guests that evening, they went into a frenzy over its unique taste, not to mention the strange effect it had over them throughout the night.


Word spread quickly throughout the local country side and soon parties sprang up everywhere, know today as toga parties and Roman orgies.  Soon thereafter Julius Mezzaluna was summoned to Rome by the Emperor himself and asked to bring this special elixir with him.  once tasted by the Emperor and his close friends, Julius Mezzaluna was elevated to Master Distiller.  From that day forward his only duty was to make his special blend for the private parties of the Roman Counsel and the Emperor.



    Anyone that has fraternity historical information please e-mail it to me so that I

 can put an accurate history of the fraternity together.  It will take the input from all generations of alumni to accomplish this goal.





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